How to keep your family safe at home

The Strafford County Public Health Network is your partner in keeping families Safe at Home. 

Times have changed quickly, and kids and teens are spending more time than ever around the house. We want to share a few important reminders on things in your home which may be harmful to kids and teens. More time around the house can sometimes mean more risk of exposure to lead and lead poisoning, especially if you live in an older home.

Sometimes, more time at home can also mean increased access to alcohol, prescription drugs, firearms, and increased screen time. The Strafford County Public Health Network is here to share knowledge about keeping families safe. 

Click through the tabs below you will find some useful information about these topics, as well as resources to learn more about keeping yourself and your family Safe at Home. 

Protect Your Family From Lead Poisoning

Protect your family from lead poisoning:

If you live in a home built prior to 1978, your home may contain lead paint. Somersworth and Rochester contain some of the highest amounts of lead paint in homes in our state.

Ways to prevent Lead Poisoning in children:

  • Before hiring a contractor ensure that they are certified in lead safe practices
  • Test your home for lead paint
  • Before completing a DIY project always test for paint and highly consider being trained in a lead-safety course
  • Have your child tested for blood lead levels at their well child check up as directed by your child’s pediatricians’ office

Visit Lead Free Kids NH for advice on safely completing DIY projects around the house.

How to check your home for lead paint:

3M Lead Paint Swabs

INSERT VIDEO on How To conduct swab test

INFO on SCPHN’s RRP Program

If you are interested in joining SCPHN’s group of community members working to combat Lead Poisoning please contact Ashley Desrochers at

Other Resources for Staying Safe at Home

Other Resources for Staying Safe at Home

Below are some easy resources for any family to use. They can help family members connect, set goals, and work through challenges together to create and maintain a safe, happy, and healthy home. 

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