Emergency Preparedness

Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) is the capacity a community has to address health emergencies of several types. PHEP utilizes public health and heath care partners to prevent and respond to emergencies and build a network of individuals and organizations who act as a community’s support system during public health emergencies.

Emergencies We Handle:

  • Influenza epidemics/pandemics:
    : The Strafford County Public Health Network works with the local school administration to provide flu clinics each year.
  • Chemical, biological, and radioactive exposures resulting from natural, accidental, or terrorism-related event
  • Outbreaks such as Hepatitis A

The Public Health Network role in Emergency Preparedness

  • Guidance: Annual evidence-based guidance to ensure state and local jurisdictions have the most current information to better protect their communities
  • Technical Assistance: Operational know-how to ensure state and local public health departments are ready to respond
  • Evaluation: Measurement and evaluation of states’ capabilities to prepare for any public health emergency

Want to get involved?

Public Health Emergency Preparedness takes many forms, and volunteers are a vital part of the response team. Volunteers of various backgrounds can serve their community through help with everything from assisting during community drills, to spreading the word about Emergency Preparedness at events.

For Healthcare providers:

NH Responds is New Hampshire’s system for advance volunteer registration for emergencies  – great resource to get involved in PHEP.

For Individuals, organizations and anyone looking to get involved:

Contact us at SCPHN@GoodwinCH.org to learn more about getting involved in you community’s Public Health Network.

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