Get Involved

Whether you're a parent, business owner, a neighbor, or someone in the Public Health sector, there are a numbers of ways you can get involved in addressing public health issues in your community.

"The Nation's health problems are so pervasive, the solutions so complex and costly, and the resources for addressing them are so fragmented that no single sector can achieve large-scale, sustainable results on its own."
-Alonzo Plough

This quote shows how crucial it is for a public health network to be integrated into its community. Stakeholders from all every population need to contribute to promote healthy living in Strafford County. Take a look at some of the ways you can get involved with Strafford County's Public Health Network.

Join One Of Our Working Groups

Click here  to learn more about our working groups. If you're interested in attending meetings, or reaching out to the group, contact us at to get connected.

Volunteer with our Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

Community organizations are always looking for new and motivated volunteers to help with everything from coordinating events, to assisting at our annual school-based flu clinics each year, and assisting with other public health responses, like our COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

Our Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), Ready Strafford, is for both clinical and non-clinical volunteers looking to help improve public health in our county. If you are interested in volunteering with the Public Health Network, visit our Volunteer Page for more information.

Educate Yourself About Public Health Initiatives

From flu clinics to substance misuse prevention, each initiative we have is paired with a plan to address it. Read more about each of our goals here.

Check-out our Resources Page and follow us on social media so you can find and share helpful information with your community.

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