Strafford County’s Public Health Network

With the mission of improving the health, wellness, and quality of life for all individuals in Strafford County, NH, the Strafford County Public Health Network works to build one integrated system of community members, businesses, and health organizations working together to address public health needs.

The Strafford County Public Health Network is representative of the following municipalities: Dover, Rochester, Durham, Somersworth, Barrington, Farmington, Milton, Lee, Strafford, New Durham, Rollinsford, Middleton, Madbury, and the University of New Hampshire.

More time around the house can sometimes mean more risk of exposure to lead and lead poisoning, increased access to alcohol, prescription drugs, firearms, and increased screen time. Visit our Staying Safe at Home page for resources on how you can protect yourself and your family.


New Hampshire’s Public Health Networks play a vital role in connecting organizations, partners, and public with each other, and the resources needed during a crisis. The Strafford County Public Health Network is working hard to respond to the COVID19 pandemic, coordinating with officials and experts to keep our community informed, safe, and healthy.

Due to the  COVID19 pandemic, most of our upcoming events are being postponed, rescheduled, or cancelled. Please reach out with any questions regarding events to

For further information about the Strafford County Public Health Network’s part in responding to COVID19:

Information about COVID19

Our Emergency Preparedness team is trained in responding to public health threats such as COVID-19/Coronavirus. Visit our COVID19 Symptoms & Prevention page to learn more about how to avoid getting sick, identifying signs of COVID-19, and what to do if you see the symptoms. Want to read more? Take a look at some resources below:

Volunteer with us!

Public Health comes in many forms. Everyone in our community should be able to benefit from, as well as contribute to public health. From clinical and medical professional volunteers, to caring families hoping to give back to their neighbors, there are many ways YOU can get involved in Strafford County’s Public Health Network.

New Hampshire Responds is NH’s emergency system for advance advance registration of volunteer health professionals. The NH Responds system is a secure online registration system for medical and non-medical volunteers. NH Responds is part of a federal effort to coordinate and assemble volunteers for all types of emergencies. In order to provide New Hampshire citizens a timely and effective disaster or community response, volunteers need to be organized, verified, and ready to mobilize.

Do you want more information about one of our initiatives? 
Take a look at our programs to take a closer look at the work we’ve done.

Interested how we operate? 
Our organizational structure page outlines exactly how our Public Health Network functions.

Want to meet the team? 
Our staff page will let you know the who’s who of Strafford County Public Health

Strafford County Public Health

Community Organization

The Stafford County Public Health Network envisions a vibrant, healthy and productive community that values health and wellness. As a result our citizens thrive and prosper.

Our Partners

Public health involves everyone in our community. We partner with many different organizations to respond to the needs of our neighbors. Each group, organization, school, and business that we work with brings something to the table – and together we work to improve the health, wellness, and quality of life for all individuals in Strafford County.

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