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June 2023 Spring All Partner Meeting

Thank you to all of our partners for being a part of our Strafford County Public Health Network! You'll find materials below from our 2023 Spring All Partner Meeting.

Download our agenda here

Download our 2023 Annual Report here

Thank you to our presenters!

Amanda Vachon, Director, Strafford County Family Justice Center
Find Amanda's presentation here
Strafford County Family Justice Center Website:

Dr. Scott Hampton, Director, Ending the Violence
Find Scott's presentation here
Ending the Violence Website:



Below are the handouts that accompanied Scott's presentation.

    1. Responding to Elder Abuse in New Hampshire
    2. Sexual Assault Fact Sheet
    3. Teen Dating Violence
    4. Domestic Violence Screening and Help Sheet
    5. Understanding Stalking
    6. DV Child Abuse Fact Sheet
    7. DV+Danger+Assessments
    8. Primary Prevention Handout
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