Be an Advocate

Public Health Advocacy refers to educating, organizing, and mobilizing for systems change in population health among legislators and the general public. When it comes to public health, advocacy is an important component of addressing community issues and aligning public policy to address the need.

What you can do

  • Share your story/Submit testimony
  • Educate others in your Community
  • Raise Awareness
  • Contact your legislator
  • Submit a letter to the Editor
  • Watch for House bills and open hearings
  • Stay informed on local and state policy changes

Access to care

The workforce shortage is not just an inconvenience but is considered a public health crisis since it is occurring not only in NH, but across the nation. The ongoing staffing shortage in the healthcare industry negatively impacts employee retention due to burnout. A lack of workers can result in limited services, poor health outcomes and overcrowding within health facilities. New Hampshire's childcare system is also struggling to recruit and retain employees due to low wages and high operational costs. This further exacerbates the workforce shortage due to lack of affordable childcare options.

Housing and Cost of Living
The current cost of living and housing landscape is worrisome for many people across the nation. It is especially alarming in the state of New Hampshire with rising housing costs, limited child care options, and significant increases in living costs due to inflation. The availability, affordability, type, and quality of housing are significant factors for attracting and retaining a qualified workforce and attracting new businesses here in NH.

Reimbursement Rates
At 3.1 %, NH has some of the lowest Medicaid reimbursement rates in the nation. Low reimbursement rates create unique operational challenges in NH's healthcare industry, making recruitment and retention difficult, as neighboring states have more favorable rates. This feeds into the notion: Why work in NH if you can commute elsewhere for better reimbursement rates?

Children's Behavioral Health & Parental Rights
New Hampshire's children are experiencing a mental health crisis and data shows increased rates of suicidal ideation and attempts. Parents play a crucial role in directing the upbringing of their children, but this role needs to be appropriately balanced with the interests of their children and should not pose as a barrier to children accessing support, healthcare, or behavioral health services .

Insurance Coverage and Medicaid Expansion
Medicaid Expansion has helped ensure that New Hampshire residents have access to health care by enrolling people who could not otherwise afford or obtain coverage. Enrollees are able to access physical, mental, dental, and recovery health services, fill prescriptions, and seek emergency care. The program supports our workforce and small businesses. Providing our low-wage employees with needed access to affordable health coverage to keep them healthy and working.

Insights and Data

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