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Somersworth Farmers Market OpensI love farmers markets and the one in Somersworth just opened for the season a couple of weeks ago. In case you haven’t heard. It takes place each Thursday between 3 and 6pm outside the Goodwin Community Health Center located on route 108.

I was there to witness Mayor Hilliard ring the bell and declare the market open for it’s second season. This year he had help from school Superintendant Jeni Mosca, and after the ceremonies were over neither of them wasted any time, looking around the market itself.

There, they came across a little secret of mine. A young lady who lives in Somersworth and makes jam.

Mayor HilliardOkay I can hear you saying, it’s jam. This however is not just any old jam. For a taste of what’s in store and to tickle your taste buds there are flavors such as carrot cake, pina colada and bananas fosters and that’s just for starters.

These 8 oz jars of deliciousness are made right here in Somersworth in the kitchen of an enterprising young lady called Rivka. They offer a delicious taste of the seasons and have a definite New England flavor.

I asked Rivka how she discovered her talent for jam making as I stood and sampled just a few of the flavors she had out for sampling.

rivkaLike many home crafters it began when she was looking for something different to give people as gifts. Something with a personal touch but didn’t break the bank. Little did she know then that the little jars of heaven she creates would be such a hit and eventually lead to her giving up her job at Dress Barn to pursue her real passion this year.

She was granted a homestead license which allows her to cook right from her kitchen and each week she can now be found at various Farmers Markets, including the one right here in Somersworth.

As well as the more elaborate flavor Homemade By Rivka has the jam staples that we all love, strawberry and Maine blueberry all cooked right here in the city. My personal favorite, in case you were wondering, is the spiced pear, with the bananas foster coming in a very close second.

Goats SoapOf course it’s not all about the jam at the Farmers Market and you can find an assortment of fresh plants, herbs, meat, eggs and produce at the market. There is also a lady who sells goats soap and another that sells incredible pictures made from eggs shells.

The Somersworth Farmers Markettakes place each Thursday 3 -6pm outside the Goodwin Community Health Center on Route 108 and will run until September.

Every couple of weeks throughout the season I will be highlighting a business that I find at the market so stay tuned.

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