Our Committees/Groups

The Strafford County Public Health Network has several committees and working groups organized to address our initiatives. Each group is made of SCPHN staff, as well as partners and affiliates from communities, businesses, and organizations.

If you are interested in joining any of our committees, or would like more information, please reach out to SCPHN@GoodwinCH.org

*Due to COVID-19, all of our working groups are meeting safely via Zoom


  • Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC) Network

Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC) Network meets bi-annually and is open to anyone interested in being a part of our network of partners and improving the communities in Strafford County.

  • PHAC Executive Committee

PHAC Executive Committee steers the work of SCPHN staff and regional PHAC Network, and consists of representatives from many organizations around Strafford County. Members meet quarterly.

  • Addiction Task Force

The Strafford County Addiction Task Force is a group of stakeholders from across our communities that work toward shared goals to prevent substance misuse and related disorders, and to support treatment and recovery efforts in Strafford County. We meet monthly on the 3rd Tuesday each month at rotating locations.

  • Emergency Preparedness

We will be working together on operationalizing the emergency preparedness priority in Strafford County’s Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).

  • Prevention Leadership Work Group

Prevention Leadership Workgroup meets monthly on the 1st Tuesday of each month and is open to anyone interested in joining in our efforts to prevention substance misuse and related disorders across Strafford County.

  • Healthy Living Work Group

The Healthy Living Work Group is a group of stakeholders that meets monthly on the 3rd Thursday to develop and discuss shared goals to improve food security and nutrition, and to decrease the impact that chronic disease such as obesity, heart disease and stroke have on our communities.

  • School District Health and Wellness Committees

SCPHN plays an active role in both Somersworth and Farmington, Health and Wellness Committees. These committees help with many initiatives to improve health and wellness in their students. Health & Wellness committees are open to parents and stakeholders in the community, and exist in all school districts.

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