Substance Misuse Prevention

Our goal is to strengthen coordination and communication among community health partners to support Substance Misuse Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery initiatives.


Strategic Approach


Increase education and development opportunities in the area of prevention in Strafford County by providing 4 different educational platforms by the end of FY 19.


Use continuous updating of information and dissemination to distribute a total of 2,000 resource guides at community events and activities in Strafford County by end of FY 19.


Increase the number of recovery coaches with Motivational Interviewing trainings by collaborating with partners to host at least 2 MI trainings in Strafford County by the end of FY 19.

Botvin Life Skills Training: Transitions

The Botvin Life Skills Transitions program is a free 6 week, once-a-week course and mentoring program that works with young adults who are transitioning between life stages - into higher education, the workforce, or independent living. Botvin works to strengthen 3 different areas of abilities:

  • Personal Self-Management Skills
    Provides participants with strategies for decision-making, managing stress, and managing time and money.
  • General Social Skills
    Enables participants to strengthen their communication skills and build and maintain relationships in a variety of settings.
  • Drug Resistance Skills
    Empowers participants to understand the consequences of substance use and risk-taking.

Take a look at the evidence:
A resource and fact sheet is available to show the numbers backing the Botvin Life Skills Training's effectiveness in promoting drug resistance and strengthening self-management skills.

If you or someone you know could benefit from this program, contact SCPHN at to learn more.

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