About Us

In July 2013, the State of New Hampshire established 13 Regional Public Health Networks (RPHN) to align multiple public health priorities into one integrated system. The purpose of the RPHNs is to integrate multiple public health initiatives and services into a common network of community stakeholders, and coordinate the development and implementation of a range of community and public health improvement activities.

The Strafford County Public Health Network is based out of Goodwin  Community Health and is representative of the following municipalities: Dover, Rochester, Durham, Somersworth, Barrington, Farmington, Milton, Lee, Strafford, New Durham, Rollinsford, Middleton, Madbury, and the University of New Hampshire.

Our Mission

To improve the health, wellness, and quality of life for all individuals in Strafford County.

Our Vision

Vibrant, healthy, and productive communities which value health and wellness with thriving and prosperous citizens.

What We Do

The Regional Public Health Networks were established to ensure coordinated and comprehensive delivery of essential public health services. Thirteen agencies are funded by NH Department of Health and Human Services to convene, coordinate, and facilitate an ongoing network of partners to address regional public health needs.

Visit the New Hampshire Regional Public Health Network site for more information

How To Get Involved

Whether you are a business owner, a parent, youth or anyone interested in improving the communities of Strafford County, we are ready to work with you.

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Organizational Structure

How our Public Health Network operates

Public Health Advisory Council

Established by the Regional Public Health Network, the Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC) represents the communities of Strafford County and advises the Regional Public Health Network. The PHAC is comprised of individuals, organizations, governments, businesses and non-profits that are involved in promoting the health and safety of Strafford County residents. Network group will convene twice a year.

The role of the PHAC is to:

  • Identify regional public health priorities based on assessments of community health
  • Help guide and assure the implementation of programs, practices and policies that are evidence-based to meet improved health outcomes
  • Advance the coordination of services among partners

Public Health Advisory Council Executive Committee (PHAC)

The PHAC Executive Committee acts on behalf of the full council on items of immediate nature or items referred by the full council.

Members of PHAC Executive Council are residents of or are employed in the Strafford County area and reflect the geographical and organizational diversity of the full council PHAC.

PHAC executive committee members meet every other month, and are elected annually.

Current PHAC Executive Board Members:

Chris Kozak (Chair) - Community Partners
Nick Toumpas (Vice Chair) - IDN Region 6
Anne Grassie - Rochester Child Care
Carrie Conway - Strafford County Drug Court
Lara Willard - Goodwin Community Health
John Burns - SOS Recovery Community
Scott Schuler - American Ambulance
Marc Hiller - UNH Professor
Michelle Hanson- Wentworth Douglass Hospital
Sharon Drake - Southeastern New Hampshire: Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services
John Levitow - Frisbie Memorial Hospital
Steve Pappajohn - Dover Teen Center
Nancy O'Connor - Strafford Regional Planning Commission
Kathy Bates - NH Disabilities Project at UNH


Lara Willard
Chief Communications Officer
(603) 516 2558

Ashley Wright, MS
Continuum of Care Manager
(603) 994 6357

Ashley Desrochers
Young Adult Prevention Coordinator
(603) 749 2346 x2533

Cora Long
Substance Misuse Prevention Coordinator
(603) 994 6340 x2316

Mary Kerr
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
(603) 321 8145

Michael Vinci
Marketing Coordinator
(603) 749 2346 x2769


Community Health Improvement Plan

We are pleased to announce that a new edition of our County Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) has been finalized for the public!

To access our new CHIP please click here.

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