Healthy Living

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Our focus areas include:

    1. Improve Food Security

    2. Reduce Chronic Disease

    3. Increase Access to Preventative Health Screenings


Led in partnership with UNH Extension, the Strafford County Healthy Living Coalition works to "improve the quality of life of residents in Strafford County by promoting healthy lifestyle factors across the lifespan, eliminating stigma, and creating an environment that fosters positive relationships between service providers and community members"

Click here to view the full Hunger Vital Signs One-Pager

The Hunger Vital Sign™ is an evidence-based screening tool used to identify food insecurity.

You can Learn more about the Hunger Vital Sign™ screening tool on the Children's Health Watch website


Looking for a fuller list of resources related to food & physical activity in Strafford County and offered statewide?Check out the Strafford County Healthy Living Resource Guide


Strafford County Plant-A-Row Program

Plant - Grow - Donate

What began as a project led by UNH Extension and their 4-H program in partnership with our Strafford County Healthy Living Coalition, Plant a Row has now grown into a statewide program!

"A hands-on neighbor-helping-neighbor initiative where households  grow an extra row or container of produce to donate to a local food pantry,  neighbor in need or to supplement their own fresh greens." (UNH)

Whether you are looking to supplement your own household, or would like to donate produce, we can all plant an extra row or container!

When you pledge to plant an extra row (or container) a garden kit will be mailed to you. UNH 4-H will keep in touch with a Plant a Row newsletter, and you can stay connected with the program and other participants on social media, too. Here, you will find growing tips, activities, recipes and information on where to donate or access fresh produce.

Learn more about the Plant a Row program, what comes in your Plant a Row Garden Kit, and how to register on the Plant a Row website

Need Help Finding Food? Scroll up to find some resources or view the New Hampshire Food Access Map here

You can also find information about Farmers' Markets of Rockingham, Strafford, and York Counties hereand our Healthy Living Resources Guide linked above

Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Resources

Use the information below for hints, tips and tricks for avoiding heart disease and stroke, as well as maintaining health after a stroke or after cardiac problems.


Prevention means stopping something from ever happening. This is an important step in avoiding heart disease and stroke. Take a look at the graphic below to learn some quick tips about heart disease and stroke prevention.

Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 10.37.22 PM
Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 10.38.41 PM
Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 10.39.22 PM

You can find more resources for Healthy Living in Strafford County in our Healthy Living Resource Guide here!

Knowing the Difference Between Stroke & TBI
Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 10.42.54 PM

Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury can have similar effects. Do you know the difference? Graphic provided by the National Stroke Association.


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